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6 Rules of Thumb to Segregate the Items in Your Wardrobe

  1. Frequency of Usage

Keep the clothes you frequently use at the front or at the top.

Keep the clothes you use only on certain occasions at the back or at the bottom.


  1. Weight

Keep the heavy clothes at the bottom.

Keep the light clothes on top of the heavy clothes.

Your jeans, by this logic, won’t go on top of your chiffon tops – they’ll be forgotten forever!


  1. Similar Types

Keep clothes of similar types together – jeans would go with other denims like shorts. Shirts would go with other shirts. And so on.


  1. Function

Keep clothes you reserve for formal clothes separate from the ones for ethnic occasions. Keep clothes for casual get together separate from the ones for party wear.

Function would be determined by occasions you generally attend.


  1. Non-clothes

Keep jewellery separate from watches. Keep scarves separate from clutches.


  1. Size

Keep long, huge clothes separate from shorter, smaller ones. Clothes with short sleeves separate from those with long sleeves.