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What makes engineered wood so popular?

Selecting suitable wood for home furniture is a challenging task, and this gets even worse when the label on the wood says “Engineered Wood.” Unless you are a wood PRO, this technical jargon can throw you off and confuse you. However, you may have noticed a growing trend in engineered wood for home furniture.

Engineered wood or man-made wood is a wood-like material created in factories by binding wood fiber, strands, particles, sawdust, veneers, or scraps of lumber with adhesives under very high pressure and temperature to form a solid structure. 

So, what makes it popular? 

  1. They are environment friendly

Engineered wood products are assembled from any number of woods selected with energy conservation in mind. It's engineered to achieve the same strength and density as wood has grown naturally and at the same time will reduce waste because all parts of the tree are used, even the defects or pieces left over after cutting dimensional lumber. 

  1. They are versatile

Engineered woods are versatile and are available in a range of thicknesses, sizes, grades, and qualities. This is why they are easy to work with most design styles and can be customized to your preferences. This flexibility is often not there in solid woods. 

  1. They are durable and cost-effective.

Good quality engineered wood is durable and can last over long periods. Hence, the furniture made out of them also has a long life. They are less expensive than solid wood which makes them pocket-friendly to an average household. 

  1. They can be easily customized.

Engineered wood surfaces come without knots, giving you a more classic look with more character. You can finish these with attractive decorative laminates to match the space’s decor and elevate the overall aesthetics. Since these have enormous flexibility in cutting, drilling, and fastening, they give a lot of room for customization and design exploration. 

  1. They are lighter and weatherproof.

Having made of multiple layers, engineered wood is less likely to expand or warp when exposed to moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations making the furniture made out of engineered wood weather-proof. But on the contrary, despite being made of many layers, furniture made out of engineered wood is comparatively lighter than solid wood. This makes moving or transporting them fast and straightforward.

Throughout the last couple of decades (if not more), engineered woods have become an exciting addition to the wood family. They have an extensive list of benefits that cater to your budget, purpose, and aesthetics.

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